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Secrets Within The White House


It was a beautiful spring afternoon. The two men who were guarding the door heard a gunshot from within the room. One of the men put his thumb against the scanner to open the door. Nothing happened. He tried again, and then the lock on the door clicked open. They rushed into the office to find the man they were guarding lying of the floor in a pool of blood. The men had a look of horror on their faces. The man that was shot was their President, the President of the United States of America!  Vice President Adamson is sworn in as President and is joined by the previous president, George Duffy. Both men are on an adventurous quest to find the killer that assassinated their friend, President John Watson. Their quest takes them to secret tunnels below the White House and secret books written by past presidents.   Will these secrets reveal who the murderer is? Could it be someone close to them? As they risk their own lives to find the killer, the shocking truth is revealed.