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"When I finished, Please Pass the Barbie Shoes, I felt like I had given birth to a precious gem that I would only share with those worthy. What I love love, love most about Open Door Publishers, is that they get to know their authors. Every call I made was picked up and an answer to my question came that day. I felt such joy and peace knowing that the people helping me launch my dream, knew me first. Open Door focuses on cultivating a relationship with their authors. This priority has made all the difference to me in my publishing experience. I know, to them, I am not another book on the shelf, rather, a new friend with a voice that they take joy in honoring. Relationships are really the key to life. I am honored to have new friends, and a new home for my first born. "

Meghan D. Lemery, author of Please Pass the Barbie Shoes 

"Open Door Publishers is owned and operated by two of the most helpful, dedicated, caring people I have had the pleasure of working with. They are with you every step of the way to help you work through the maze of detail that goes with the publishing of your book. They don't leave you alone after the printing of your work. They are there for you through the marketing phase - which is probably the most difficult phase of your work - almost as difficult as the writing. I would recommend Ladean and Joe and Open Door Publishers to any writer - from your first book to your last book."

Don Jones author of Memories, Poems and Essays

"I had a great experience working with Open Door Publishers. Though it was a lot of work to make my dream come true, Ladean and Joe walked me through everything, step by step with plenty of encouragement (and a few nudges when needed) along the way. Open Door Publishers cares about the quality and integrity of the materials they produce and run their business with integrity. I'm looking forward to working with them on my next project. "

Michelle Adams, author of Freddy’s Journey: Destination Ninevah!

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At Open Door Publishers, Inc., we're here to make your publishing dreams a reality. We offer a comprehensive range of publishing services, including editing, cover design, and marketing, to help you navigate the publishing world with ease. As a family-based company, we're passionate about supporting new authors and providing opportunities to share your work with the world.