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You and Me Are Meant To Be


You and Me are Meant to Be is a collection of 3 short stories that help us understand the importance of love, acceptance, encouragement, friendship, and purpose through the heartwarming stories of a little boy named Jonah, a detective princess named Jensen, and two caper chasing friends named Harry and Viv.

Find out how one little boy named Jonah shows how all of us can trace our family tree back to One Father over all. You’ll be surprised and delighted at what you find out!

Jensen is sure she is a princess. Though adopted as a child, she knows that her real parents are royalty – and they’re coming back for her! Jensen uses her detective skills to uncover the truth. Yet what she finds out is better than she could have ever expected when she meets her valiant prince!

Harry and Viv are the best of friends. Join them on their first adventure together as they set their sights on winning this year’s county fair cake eating contest!