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Those Two Little Words


Two hours of sleep and one forced situation found April saying, “I do” to a man she hardly knows.  April never learned how to process the deep hurts from her past until Ryan came into her life destroying her cemented walls that she persistently formed.  Moving from her apathetic state brought out her anger, sadness, and bitterness that she worked so hard to keep concealed within her guarded heart.    

Her sister’s sudden demand shocked April and Ryan into an immediate response.  Nancy, April’s sister, said they had to act quickly so that no one would get hurt.  After the shock of her sudden marriage dissipated she realized that those two little words had just changed her life forever.  She never planned to marry.  She spent the first few days of her married life thinking there must have been another way to solve their problem.

How can they honor Nancy’s wishes when there were too many unknowns?  Should they contact the police?  Should April let down her defenses and share her heart with Ryan or should she continue to pretend that she doesn’t need to, even though her feelings might be changing?