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The Red Warrior


There are no clear instructions on who replaces a President-elect who cannot take the oath of office.  Now, an Irish extremist has kidnapped the newly elected Paul Leahy. To rescue him, Denis McCler will not only have to overcome the kidnappers, but also Orange assassins, mercenaries, rogue police, and a traitorous Secret Service agent. Politicians, lobbyists, and even the sitting President all have their own agendas on whether to hurry or impede the rescue. Not the best time to be a solo field operative struggling with your own doubts and fears.  Fortunately Denis has a team to rely on. Together they find a way to pool their talents and efforts to pluck Denis from the depths of the desert and drop him into position to infiltrate the inner circle of the terror cell. Where he can rescue the future President from the lunatic Captain Deerlock, The Red Warrior.