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The Good Adventurers


The story of Anne Harrison and her cousin Evelyn Harrison Gutiérrez, both born and raised in Massachusetts, unfolds in 1991 in Nicaragua, a country emerging from  violent internal conflict and an economic embargo, scarred psychologically, physically, and economically.   Their personal struggles are juxtaposed with the personal struggles and triumphs of the Nicaraguans with whom they interact as they negotiate daily life within a society trying to reconcile its war-torn past with the present.

References to actual historical persons, places, and events lend a sense of reality to this story.   Some incidents are drawn from the author’s own experiences in Nicaragua, however, the story and its characters are fictional, as are the geographic towns of Barrio Bella Sol, Barrio Pasa Robles, Colonial Cielo, the town of Monte Horeb, and the villages of Los Ríos, and Lower and Upper San Linda.  Educational and religious entities, medical facilities, agricultural cooperatives, and the cemetery referred to in Managua are also fictional.