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Blake Stewart is a teenage track star living the dream. He is a straight A student with a perfect life and a perfect family. One day after track practice he decided to relax in the hot tub at his school. After falling asleep, the next thing Blake knows he is behind bars and being accused of murder. Blake wants to prove to everyone he is not a cold blooded killer, but every time he looks in the mirror he s not sure of himself anymore. He questions his innocence. The police have some pretty compelling evidence against him too. It is suspected that Blake buckled under the pressure at school living such a perfect life that he took out his frustration by going on a little crime spree and losing his mind. Did he somehow detach himself from reality so that he could forget the awful crimes he committed? Is Blake really going crazy, or is there another explanation? Will Blake ever be able to prove his innocence or will he be in jail for the rest of his life?