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Kellermark: A seven-tiered city that towers two miles into the sky. It is home to two distinct, segregated races, commonly called the whites and the hueds, who have viewed each other with hatred and distrust for three hundred years. When hued Lieutenant Elwen Southeridge discovers a massive egg shell alongside bizarre white antiques at the scene of a crime, it is the beginning of a case that will lead him into levels of Kellermark no hued person has entered in centuries. The white levels comprise a technologically advanced world where the streets are policed from the sky by riders mounted on dragon-like creatures, and the residents themselves have been genetically altered in an effort to create a superior albino race. With the reluctant aid of a prickly white archaeology professor, Elwen finds himself involved in a case that has far greater ramifications than delving into an illegal antiquities market and solving a murder, but will challenge the societal structure of Kellermark itself.