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Fade to Gray


After years of cobbling a living as a sometime reporter and news stringer in London as well as teaching Medieval history and electronics courses in America, Brett Shannon believed he usually could mentally separate the “white hats” from the “black” until he initially encountered the mysterious man in gray in a pub near Victoria Train Station.

Having hacked information on his girlfriend’s computer about a Muslim terrorist cell with roots in Yemen, at the behest of an acquaintance he was led to believe was a British Intelligence operative, Brett soon found himself embroiled in a series of puzzling and possibly dangerous events first in Britain and then in the States.

Upon his return to Saratoga Springs, New York for the summer he was soon pursued by his erstwhile, flamboyant, British girlfriend while at the same time he tried to decipher the seeming involvement in the plot of an old lover whom he’d met in America more than a decade before. Obsessed for years by her sudden defection from their brief but passionate summer love affair, he both desired and dreaded to meet her again. Unable to emotionally move forward, he realized he needed to find her either in Britain or nearer home. The question was how?