Two Hearts Collide


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Isobel doesn’t need any complications in her new life as head trainer for the Weston’s horse farm, but that’s just what she gets when the owner’s son, Luke Weston, returns home for good. The Weston’s, despite their affluence, were friendly and warm. Except Luke. His manner has always been cold and impersonal. Now that he was back, his attitude has taken a one eighty spin which makes Isobel suspicious. All of a sudden, he was charm personified, what did he want? She did not want to reveal her past to anyone, especially the devilishly handsome, blue-eyed Luke. Luke needed to get out of the corporate world sucking the life from him. He moved back to Sweetwater, Virginia to be near family and find peace. But there will be no peace with Isobel still working on the farm. Her violet eyes haunted his dreams; she’d gotten under his skin with each previous visit home. Now would be the perfect time to take her and get her out of his system, but she wasn’t making it easy. Neither was his ex-flame from high school. She makes it clear Isobel is not of their social standing. How could Luke be involved with a lowly horse trainer? When their worlds collide, can Isobel and Luke overcome their differences…

About the Author: By day masks as an insurance representative. By night, dons the writers cloak spinning and weaving words to create stories of romantic drama/comedies because everyone should have love and humor in their lives. She lives in a crazy neighborhood in Wilton, New York with her husband and three cats.


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