The Trees They Grow


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Waking in the dead of night, Charadin, the crown prince of Kyear, finds his sister missing and a servant dead. As he journeys into the dangerous Dark Forest to find his beloved sister, he is forced to accept the guidance of a volatile wanderer, Ayara, whose both past and motives are shrouded in mystery. As the pair embark on their journey, they find that the darkness runs much deeper than a kidnapped girl, and their parts to play are far more significant than simple rescuers. Ageless rulers, murderous Elementals, and forgotten forest dwellers will mark their path as they try to find the stolen princess and uncover ancient secrets of the world they thought they knew.

About the Author: Brittany Sawrey is a rare kind of 21-year-old writer. She brings a fiery passion to her uniquely diverse talents and loves – playing the harp, all manner of stories, competitive shooting, adventures in the wild, drinking coffee, archery – and a deep loyalty to the people in her life. Although she has travelled to many places around the world studying culture and working with animals, her heart belongs in a small family cottage on a lake in Ontario where her imagination has always had the most room to grow and where seven years ago this story was born.


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