The Hollow: The Keeper’s Legacy


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“If I tell you that people have seen that creature of yours, would you believe me?” “Little Timmy Novak is missing. He was playing in the backyard and now he’s just gone.” Déjà vu washed over Jake Peterson as he heard those words, reminding him of the past. Only this isn’t Granelle, New York, but the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Somehow the past is coming back to haunt Jake in a place where he is trying to help the indigent mountain people of the Hollow. As Jake reaches out to help the town sheriff find the missing boy, he calls on his old friend, Meg Riley, who knows more about those dark creatures than anyone. Determined to end this nightmare once and for all, Jake and Meg go to Ireland to find out how this legacy of darkness began, when tragedy hits them. As Meg heads back to Virginia to the desolate Hollow, she hopes she can find the answers that she needs to stop the creatures…and Sam, before it’s too late.

About the Author: Ladean Warner has an MBA from SUNY-Empire State College and a certified professional coach through CTA. As a publisher, coach and motivational speaker, Ladean’s passion is to inspire people to pursue their dreams. She is also the finance director for a girls’ school. Ladean lives in upstate New York and enjoys spending time with her husband, four children, and grandchildren. She is involved in her local church, is an avid reader, and enjoys other creative pursuits. Her first book, The Keeper of Darkness, was her publisher’s #1 bestselling fiction.


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