Freddy’s Journey


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FREDDY never thought he’d find himself swimming straight for the darkest, scariest part of the great mountain divide yet; here he is, on a dangerous top-secret mission…from God! The excitement of the operation, however, soon begins to fade as the waters become colder and darker. Freddy finds himself being tempted to do what he knows is wrong, and nearly abandons his assignment. In the end, Freddy discovers that God is forgiving and can use anybody who is willing to deliver that message, even one little ordinary fish.

About the Author: Michelle Adams wrote her first mystery in 8th grade but shelved that interest for the stage. She rediscovered her love of writing a few years ago when she returned to college to pursue a degree in business. The flame was rekindled during her creative writing course where she began penning stories and poems about the faithfulness of God. Currently, Michelle lives in Upstate NY where she has been in broadcasting for over ten years.


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